FSS is a holistic approach to helping HUD-assisted families make progress towards self-sufficiency that combines (a) work-promoting case management to help families access the services they may need to increase their earnings with (b) a strong financial incentive (in the form of an escrow account) for families to increase their earnings. FSS has proven to be very successful in helping low-income families build assets, substantially increase their earnings and become homeowners.

FSS is a voluntary program open to adults residing in public housing or the Housing Choice Voucher program. Upon enrollment, the individual meets with a case manager who helps the individual develop a five-year training and services plan that charts the steps he or she needs to take to become and stay employed, increase his or her earnings, become independent of welfare assistance, and achieve other individual goals (such as homeownership). As the family’s earnings increase, the family’s rent goes up. However, an amount roughly equal to the increase in rent due to the family’s increase in earnings goes into an escrow account that the family receives upon successful graduation from FSS.

Successful FSS graduates can use their escrow accounts for homeownership, education, a reliable car, to start a business or for another purpose that meets the goals and objectives of the graduate. FSS participants also have the opportunity to obtain interim disbursements of FSS escrow deposits prior to graduation, if needed to achieve the objectives of their training and services plans. Required meetings with coordinator are scheduled quarterly. Common uses of interim disbursements include the purchase or repair of a car needed to enable the individual to work and tuition for community college or other training needed to help an individual qualify for a particular type of employment.

The FSS Program is available in all of the public housing developments and Section 8 voucher program participants who are under the Housing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem. http://www.hud.gov/offices/pih/programs/ph/ross/


  • Increase employability skills
  • Establish escrow account
  • Receipt of FSS Coordinator services

How to qualify?

  • Family must be receiving Section 8 Housing Choice (HCV) Voucher subsidy. Family cannot owe the Housing Authority or owner any money.
  • Family must be motivated to become self-sufficient.
  • Family must have completed an annual recertification, interim change, or transferred (moved) to another location within 120 days of enrollment.

Enrollment Process

  • Attend FSS orientation
  • Meet with the FSS Coordinator to sign a Contract of Participation
  • Complete an Individual and Service Plan

How do I apply?

Contact Ms. Tami Wright, FSS Coordinator, at 336-917-6112

FSS Program Brochure