What is the procedure once I am awarded work?

When the work is assigned to you (other than a contract over $30,000), you should obtain a Purchase Order (PO) number and the name of the person that is assigning the work. Work is generally assigned by Procurement or a Housing Manager. You may pick up a hard copy of the PO at this time. Confirm the location of where the work is to be completed (unit address for example), and understand any spec pertaining to the work.

The day the work is to start, sign in at the office where you are to perform the work. Remember, any change orders to the original work assigned must be approved prior to be completing. Obtain a signed approved copy of the change order.

Once you have completed the work, notify the manager of that community that the work is completed and ask for someone to check the work. The work should be inspected within 48 hours. Sign out of the area. If the work was assigned by procurement, also inform that office that the work is completed. Note who was notified, the date and time.

After the work has been approved, submit your invoice to Accounts Payable, Housing Authority of W-S, 500 W. 4th Street, Suite 300, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Payment terms are net 30 days.

If you have a question on regarding your payment, contact the development manager or the person that assigned the work to you.

How is payment made?

Payments are made by check and are mailed first class.

What is the procedure for jobs over $30,000?

If the estimate for a job is over $30,000, the work must be formally bid. A bid package is produced indicating all the requirements, specs and scope of work as well as the criteria on which the bids will be evaluated and awarded. Bid packages are mailed to approved contractors for that type of work and the job is advertised in the local papers. If you do not receive a package for a job that is advertised, the bid package may be picked up according to the instructions in the advertisement.

Sealed bids must be received prior to the cut off date and time and be complete to be considered. An evaluation committee will review the bids and recommend the company to receive the bid. If the work is over $100,000, the contract must be approved by the Board of Commissioners at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

What is the procedure for payment on the formal contracts?

The terms of payment and requirements for progress payments are established with each contract when it is awarded as well as any retainage that may be imposed.