Who decides how the money for the Capital Fund Program Grant is expended?

This grant is a partnership process. Residents, staff, HAWS Board of Commissioners, local Government, and the city at large work together to determine the needs of each community. Once the needs are determined, these are ranked in order with emergency items leading the list. The HAWS has taken the position, in the past and currently, to modernize communities starting with the oldest community to the newest. In addition, some mandates are placed by HUD, the City and other governmental agencies which dictate work items that take first preference i.e., 504 (Handicap Accessibility) Compliance, Lead Base Paint Testing and Abatement, dumpster pads, etc.

Our community has requested unit modifications.

When can we expect those updates?

All Capital Improvements are scheduled on a five- (5) year plan based on HUD policy. This policy requires that residents, community stakeholders, public and private governmental entities respond to a survey, designed to prioritize needs. Up to 65% of all Capital Improvement funds provide direct enhancements and upgrades for public housing properties based on the physical needs assessment.  

Who oversees Capital projects? And how does one report damages due to construction work?

A capital project manager oversees construction projects for all HAWS Capital Improvements. Contractors must follow the plans and specifications in the scope of work awarded to maintain compliance.

If damages are incurred by the resident after construction work is complete the following steps are to occur:

1. Contact the project manager

2. An incident report is filed with the manager of the development.

3. The manager forwards the incident report to the Capital Improvements Division.

4. In turn, Capital Improvements Department contacts the contractor to repair or replace the item(s) damaged.

When can I expect payment on my invoices for services rendered?

Invoices should be sent directly to accounts payable in finance at 500 W. Fourth Street, Suite 300 Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Payment terms are net 30 days after a passed inspection.