Charisse McGeachy

Director of Management Information Systems

The mission of the M.I.S. Department is to provide professional Management Information Systems services that ensure optimum efficiency in capturing, processing, and reporting information to employees and management for the purpose of rendering excellent customer services.

The focus will be on making the Housing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem's Management Information Systems Department the standard for other Public Housing Authorities by 1) ensuring that HAWS  stay on the cutting edge of technology through the use of fiber optics, voice over internet protocols, mobile technologies, webinars, etc. 2) establishing computer labs for educational training to public housing residents and children, and 3) developing ongoing technology training for HAWS employees.

When accomplished, HAWS workforce will maximize the use of technology and experience increased performance thereby enhancing job satisfaction. Residents will be prepared for upward mobility and a better quality of life, and other housing agencies will be inspired to consult with HAWS for services.