Larry WoodsLarry Woods

Chief Executive Officer

On December 4, 2006, Mr. Larry Woods joined the Housing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem as our new Executive Director. Mr. Woods’ educational background includes two Master’s degrees in the area of Business Administration. One is with an emphasis on public administration, planning and program development. The other one focused on finance and organizational management. He served as the Director of Commercial Revitalization for the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation in New York City and as the Deputy Executive Director for the West Harlem Community Organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to joining HAWS, Mr. Woods served as the Deputy Executive Director for the Wilmington, Delaware Housing Authority.

While serving these communities, Mr. Woods worked with businesses to help stabilize local community shopping districts. He also managed a $50 million Hope VI and $11 million development project for the Philadelphia Housing Authority. Furthermore, he was responsible for providing oversight of capital funds, the development of new housing initiatives, and residential maintenance services in Wilmington.

Mr. Woods plans to work along with HAWS employees and community partners to point the HAWS in a positive new direction. We are pleased to have him on board with us and we look forward to what’s in store in the future.