On behalf of everyone at the Housing Authority of the City of Winston-Salem, I express my heartfelt and most sincere sympathies and condolences to the Burke family at the news of the passing of Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian H. Burke. It goes without saying that Council Member Burke was an icon in the Winston-Salem community and a tireless advocate for Housing Authority residents – both inside and outside of the Northeast Ward. As not only a supporter of affordable housing, but also a provider, her legacy regarding equal access to safe, sound, and sanitary housing speaks for itself.

Council Member Burke’s blessing for our recent housing development projects - such as Drayton Pines, Fairview Landing, Camden Station, and the Oaks at Tenth – was an absolute requisite for moving those projects forward. We are, and will remain, forever grateful for her support of the Choice Neighborhoods grant effort, which will result in over $100 million in new housing to revitalize the Cleveland Avenue Homes community, a community of great importance to Council Member Burke. We will remain committed to her vision and endeavor to implement grant activities in a manner befitting her memory.

Kevin Cheshire
HAWS Executive Director